Retrostar Rocker - Pillepalle

Color: pill box
Legs: Oak Wood, Natural

Discover the fascinating combination of art and furniture in our unique Retro Star Comic Edition. This remarkable piece of art was designed as a fabric cover exclusively for Sternzeit Design by Berlin artist Wolfgang Kaliga. Wolfgang is undoubtedly a remarkable guy! As a former fighter jet pilot, he was discharged from the NVA because he refused to be subordinated and silent. Even then he used every free minute to paint pictures. For 40 years now, he has been creating great works that are characterised by a special feature: Mirror writing. Wolfgang writes mirror writing fluently and decorates his pictures with ambiguous and profound texts. To decipher the hidden messages of his artworks, all you need is a small mirror. With it, you can immerse yourself in a world in which Wolfgang holds up a mirror to society in his texts and takes a critical look at it. By the way, his main theme for the last 40 years has been "Leave nature alone". Experience the powerful symbiosis of writing and image in our furniture, embodied by Wolfgang's Retro Star Comic Edition. Be inspired to take a unique perspective and look at society from a new angle. These remarkable works of art will not only add a special touch to your home, but will also inspire your imagination and make you think. Immerse yourself in the world of Wolfgang Kaliga and experience art and furniture in a whole new way.

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Product dimensions: 62 cm × 75 cm × 120 cm (W x H x D)
Sitzmaße: 51 cm x 45 cm x 51 cm (B x H x T)
Assembly: Very simple assembly. Required tools are included.

Environment certificates: Öktotex100
Warranty: 5 Years
Fire protection standards: EN 1021 / 1

Upholstery: Steel springs & PUR memory foam
Type of Fabric: Printed Flat Weaves
Composition: 100% PES
Abrasion Cycles: 58,000
Pilling susceptibility: minimal to none
Origin of fabrics: Poland
Weight: 220g/lfm


The elegant design of the Retrostar Rocker is reminiscent of the best Mid-Century and Bauhaus traditions. This is not only good for itself, but also for the environment in which it finds its place.

It is optimally balanced and thus enables a very harmonious and even rocking movement. If you place your feet on the front runner ends, you can initiate and maintain the rocking movement with a nod of the head.

Thanks to its generously upholstered, slightly curved seat and back, which has a steel suspension, it offers optimum comfort. The slender, tapered armrests, which are elaborately handcrafted from solid wood, provide a visually appealing contrast.

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