Is your Acapulco Chair an original?

We have often been asked if our Acapulco Chair is an original. Our statement: “Originals” do not exist. Before some say “what, that’s not true!” – it is! In the fifties a person unknown to this day decided to build a chair that would somehow become a combination of a hammock and an armchair. Most likely, the well-known outdoor lounge chair was created in the “Acapulco” region of Mexico. Rumors go, that he was spotted there increasingly which led to his name “Acapulco Chair” and his subsequent triumphal procession around the world. The Acapulco Chair is therefore probably one of the most well-known unknowns in the world of design and our Acapulco Chair is a modern original based on the old myth.

In addition to the Acapulco Chair you will also get stylish additions in the same look & quality. Tables like the Side Table or the Lounge Table invite you to cocktails or espresso and with the Acapulco Bench you get the 2-seater sofa for outdoor use. The assortment is complemented by the Acapulco footstool & weatherproof cushions which besides look nice and summery.