About us


1. Identity
Supersonic Design was founded in 2016 in Berlin. We are a family owned business of producers/wholesalers which targets its products exclusively at resellers and tradespersons.
2. Motivation
Fun! Of course we also want to make money, after all we have to pay bills; but first and foremost we really enjoy what we do.
3. Values and politics
We assure good working conditions for ourselves and our employees. We know and like our products because we only sell items that we enjoy ourselves. We do not advertise on social networks or Google. We are looking for customers that, just like us, value our products. We do not want our products to be sold on platforms like for example Amazon, because we do not like monopolists. We are instead looking for a close and long lasting partnership with small and medium-sized companies.
4. Structure
We do not have a call center/phone hotline and/or fax machine. If you have any questions, write us an email or a letter and we will be happy to respond to your message. By appointment, you can also visit us in our showroom in Wandlitz. We are a small, customer oriented company and always strive to meet the needs of our customers flexibly and unbureaucratically.